The premium Choice for SFI Certified green building products


The premium choice for SFI Certified Green Building Products and Douglas Fir since 1907

Canyon Lumber Company Manufactures 100% Douglas Fir SFI Certified Specialty Products for high-end commercial and residential structures such as hotels, lodges, shopping centers, schools and homes, where the architecture calls for high-quality, exposed Douglas Fir products.

Our Douglas Fir specialty products are SFI Certified green building products that include: Kiln Dried Beams, Architectural Posts and Beams, Kiln Dried Clear Posts, Bridge Timbers, Douglas Fir Scaffold Plank, and Douglas Fir Clear Finish Boards.

We supply SFI Certified Green Building Products for both the domestic and international markets using sustainable forestry methods. Our capabilities are unlimited, provided in an environmentally friendly way. We welcome any size order-pieces, truckloads, or carloads. Shipping is handled by truck, rail (B.N.S.F. Railroad), or by ship from the ports of Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, and Vancouver BC.

We inventory KD full sawn #1 & Btr from 1x2 through 12x16, in lengths to 32', with the ability to quote up to 40'. We can also produce the above in Select Structural or Clear, depending on the size. KD pieces thicker than 12" may have to be Boxed Heart. With our Log supply and multiple Dry Kilns we can rapidly produce and dry any custom order not already in Inventory.

Our large inventory of Douglas Fir 4x4 through 4x12 #2 & Btr KD allows you the convenience of prompt shipments.

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Canyon Lumber Company Inc., is committed to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) standard. Please CLICK HERE to read a letter from Canyon Lumber about how Canyon Lumber is committed to participating in continually improving the practice of good forest management...
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