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Canyon Lumber Canyon Lumber is a third generation, privately held corporation located approximately 30 miles north of Seattle, Washington. We've been in business since 1907 and manufacture SFI Certified Green Building Products. We manufacture 100% Douglas Fir into a myriad of specialty products, including: Kiln Dried Douglas Fir Beams and Timbers, Scaffold Plank, and Douglas Fir Clear Finish in environmentally friendly ways. We serve both the domestic and international markets. Our capabilities are unlimited. We welcome any size inquiry-pieces, truckloads, or carloads.

We cut 100% Douglas Fir, Cascade type saw logs. Our large average log diameter allows us to quickly produce many high-grade specialty products: Timbers, Scaffold Plank, and Clears for the domestic market; Metric Beams for Japan, and Clears for the U.K., Spain, and other international markets.

We are pleased to provide our customers the highest quality KD Timbers, Scaffold Plank and Clears that are SFI Certified Green Building Products. Order in specified pieces, units or truckloads.

Canyon can surface 1x2 up to 16x16 S4S. Our capabilities are unlimited. We're ready to produce your specialty lumber needs!

Shipping is handled by truck, rail (B.N.S.F. Railroad), or by ship via international Ports of Vancouver Canada, Seattle, Portland, and Tacoma here in the United States.

Our competent staff, including sales, log procurement, and plant management departments, all average 25yrs experience, per person. We are confident that Canyon Lumber Company is your best choice for Douglas Fir Specialty Products.

Our Commitment to SFI Certified Green Building Products

Canyon Lumber Company Inc., is committed to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) standard. The principles call for a land stewardship ethic which integrates the reforestation, nurturing, and harvesting of trees with the long-term protection of wildlife, plants, soil and water quality, enhancing forest health and productivity to protect forests from uncharacteristic and economically or environmentally undesirable wildfire, pests, diseases and other damaging agents. Becoming SFI Certified means Canyon Lumber is dedicated to the mission of promoting and fostering the understanding of sustainable forestry practices on all forestlands from which we procure our log supply and produce our products. By participating in the SFI Program we are directly involved with providing a means for foresters, landowners, loggers and wood producers to operate an economically viable industry while satisfying the demand of the American people for environmental responsibility.

Click here for more info on SFI Accomplishing sustainable forestry requires a partnership among land owners, wood producers, contractors, and the companies who purchase wood. Sustainably managed forests provide many benefits to society: employment for hundreds of thousands of workers, a viable tax base that supports thousands of communities, essential building and paper products and numerous recreational opportunities.

Canyon Lumber does not own any private timberlands and relies on a delivered log sorted specifically for the sawmill. However, through the set of principles and objectives provided by the SFI Standard, Canyon Lumber strives to work with our suppliers to make sure they are meeting program goals for best management practices (BMP's) and encouraging others to adopt these principles through educational brochures and written and verbal communication that covers reforestation after harvest, using BMP's and the ability to identify and protect important habitat elements for wildlife, including critically imperiled and imperiled species and communities. As a SFI Certified program participant, Canyon Lumber also supports efforts to protect private property rights and the ability of all private landowners to manage their forestland sustainably. Such information includes encouraging land owners to utilize the services of qualified resource and logging professionals and providing a list obtained from the Washington Contact Loggers Association.

As part of the SFI Program, Canyon Lumber is committed to participating in continually improving the practice of forest management by monitoring, measuring and reporting performance in achieving the commitment to sustainable forestry. In addition Canyon Lumber continues to follow economically, environmentally and socially responsible and sound practices that address, workers' health and safety, fair labor practices, indigenous peoples' rights, antidiscrimination and antiharassment measures, prevailing wages, etc.

If you have any further questions or concerns please give Kelly Hambidge a call at 425.259.0808 or Email us.

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